Reduce bitrates by 10x while improving quality
Vectorly's patented vector-graphics video codec reduces bitrates for animated, e-learning and e-sports content by up to 98% vs h265 while improving video quality
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Video Vectorization
Started as research project at MIT, our patented vectorization technology [1] converts video to "code" (vector graphics), reducing bitrates of "geometric" content (animations, e-sports, e-learning) by up to 90% (compared to H265) while improving quality
How it works
We use computer vision to convert video to SVG (where possible) and a javascript library to render it on the frontend. It requires no plugins, and builds into HLS/DASH enabling seamless integration for video workflows
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Load faster
Reduce buffering, load times and mobile data-costs for your end users by up to 10x
Better Quality
Vectorization actually improves video quality while also reducing file size
Lower CDN costs
Slash your CDN & video storage costs by up to 90%
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We are still in development, but you can get in touch to learn more
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