Getting started

Vectorly enables fast delivery of online video over slow connections through it's patented compression technology, which can reduce video file-size and bandwidth-useage by up to 90% without reducing video quality. To get started delivering fast & data-light video, you can sign up for a a beta account here, or learn more here.

Vectorly's compression service

Vectorly's online video platform enables content creators to upload, compress, host and deliver videos quickly, using minimal bandwidth and buffering to their audiences. Leveraging our proprietary vector-encoding technology, industry-leading algorithms and intelligent CDN selections, videos are optimized to load faster and using less data than is possible with other video platforms such as Vimeo or YouTube. We do this by leveraging proprietary (video compression technology) with other optimizations designed for smooth playback of video in low-bandwidth environments.

Compression Technology

Vectorly's patented compression technology was developed by a team of computer vision engineers from MIT, who developed this codec while working on a previous startup. Vectorly's encoding technology uses computer vision to analyze and convert video to a vector-graphics based video format, reducing video bitrates by up to 98% while actually improving the video quality. Our client-side libraries leverage native vector-graphics rendering libraries to effeciently decode video.

Our vector graphics codec is most effective for animations, sceensharing and other computer-generated types of video content. Through per-title encoding, our encoder intelligently applies vectorization to content for which it is very effective, falling back to industry-leading alternative encoders (h264, VP9, AV1) and content-adaptive settings for non-vectorizeable content.