Compress videos by 10x
while improving quality
Vectorly's patented vector-graphics codec reduces bitrates for geometric1 video content by up to 98% vs h264, while improving visual quality
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Video Vectorization
Built at MIT, our vectorization technology uses equations rather than pixels to encode shapes and motion in videos, reducing data-usage by up to 50x for geometric 1 content and enabling playback of a single file at any resolution with perfect quality.
Video compression API
Compress videos using our technology through our API. Our HTML5 player and libraries enable seamless playback on any device, app or website without any plugins.
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Load faster
Reduce buffering, load times and mobile data-costs for your end users by up to 10x
Better quality
Vectorization actually improves resolution and quality of your videos, while reducing file size
Lower CDN costs
Slash your CDN & video storage costs by up to 90%
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